ASEAN New Technology Conferences (ANTC) Metaverse Event 2023

Malaysian technology and information company TOGL Technology recently hit an innovation milestone, having organised the ASEAN New Tech Conference (ANTC) 2023 in the Metaverse.

The chief technology officer of TOGL Technology Sdn Bhd Mr. Pon Hoong Foong said this event marks a remarkable milestone to the company.

“We proudly present ASEAN New Tech Conference (ANTC) 2023 in the Metaverse. Users of Yippi, our social media app, joined and experienced one of our biggest events in the virtual world.”

He added, ANTC has successfully received an overwhelming response from users. This is a stepping stone for the company to leap into a new journey — embracing virtual events and adopting new immersive technologies.

Supported by the company’s social media messaging app, Yippi, the event is hosted in an immersive 3D ‘land’ where visitors can log in using their Yippi credentials and select their own 3D avatars. They can then explore different areas, such as the virtual lobby and the auditorium, and interact with other avatars — replicating the feeling of being in the same room as their peers.

The ANTC Metaverse Event 2023 platform is powered by Silversea Media’s Metaverse Enterprise Solution, built specifically to blend virtual environments and real worlds through immersive technologies. The three-dimensional platform is intended to host hundreds of users beyond Malaysia who are keen to hear about TOGL’s upcoming plans.

It provides an unsurpassed user experience with an array of unique features, including interactive product presentations, virtual showrooms of brands under TOGL and other companies, and the Hall of Fame showcasing prominent figures from TOGL.

To further encourage engagement among visitors, they are invited to participate in a virtual treasure hunt where they stumble upon virtual red packets as they explore the virtual venue. Each packet contains mystery prizes. Additional features include live chatting, watching videos, and changing the avatar’s outfit colour.

As if these were not enough, these interactive avatars can also display human expressions (such as clapping, dancing, and waving). They can choose where to go, who to talk to, and what content to consume, just like an in-person event.

Silversea Media’s Metaverse Enterprise Solution offers personalised templates, which enable companies to incorporate their branding aesthetics into their virtual events. Using intelligent 3D object creator technology, Silversea Media creates true-to-life meetings and events that allow for realistic interactions with people and products via a variety of pre-built or fully customised 3D environments. No headset or expensive PC is needed — if you can browse the web, you can participate in immersive events.

“Our experience with Silversea Media is absolutely fantastic. The team is able to deliver product/solution within a short timeline, always available for discussion during development stage and provide decent arrangement based on requirement. As a result of these type of supports and services, we have had a very successful event and received great deal of positive feedbacks. We will continue partnering with Silversea Media for long-term project development.” — Mr. Pon Hoong Foong, TOGL Group CTO

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