Drive Remote Selling and Close More Deals with VR Talk

Most people nowadays are familiar with virtual tours. They enter the virtual space via a link and click or tap on the scene to change perspective, zoom in and out, etc. — they know the drill. This means that to improve their marketing game, businesses should add more and more interactivity to their virtual tours.

One of the most effective ways to boost engagement is by taking your potential clients on a live immersive virtual tour of your 3D showroom. This is where Silversea Media’s new feature, Virtual Reality (VR) Talk, plays an important role.

What is VR Talk?

Our VR Talk feature allows multiple people to attend a live, guided virtual walkthrough of your showroom, property, or retail store online. You virtually interact with your customers and answer any questions while building meaningful connections with potential clients.

Every participant can take control of the tour. Let your customers lead the conversation and allow them to click on hotspot information to bring up text, images, and/or videos.

Dramatically Save Time and Costs

VR Talk saves time for sellers and buyers. In addition, it is cost-effective as you can perform a product demo without conducting individual meetings or luxurious presentations, which generally require substantial outlays. One other main advantage is that multiple prospective buyers can simultaneously tour the space in VR as though they are physically there.

Superior Flexibility

VR Talk removes the barriers of time and distance, enabling your sales team to connect with prospects instantly, regardless of geographical location. For example, an outstation sales representative can log in from anywhere and tour with potential clients residing anywhere around the globe. No installation is required; everyone can join the tour just by clicking a link.

Effective Communication

VR Talk streamlines the communication between your customers and you. You can virtually escort customers through every corner of a property, shop, or showroom, all while interacting in real-time. Guide them to relevant points of interest, show them specific product offerings and answer their questions along the way.

Increased Conversion Rates

With greater numbers of people starting their searches online, websites that include 3D and 360° experiences attract more clicks than those without such immersive content. Planet Home’s ‘Trend Study’ concluded that 75% of potential customers and visitors consider a virtual tour to be a major decision-making tool before proceeding to a purchase.

An interactive virtual tour feature such as VR Talk can further drive quality leads and greatly enhance the likelihood of a transaction. This is because VR Talk offers a zero-risk opportunity for interested buyers to get to know every aspect of a product or property without incurring the expenditure of time and money associated with a store or an onsite visit.

If you want to significantly increase leads and boost sales, VR Talk is your best secret weapon — for any business. Contact Silversea Media Group to learn more about our VR Talk feature and other immersive solutions:


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