Engage Attendees at Virtual Hiring Events

A well-designed and executed virtual hiring event can provide the key benefits of a physical event without having to manage the potential complications of meeting face-to-face. This kind of virtual setting is also beneficial for introverts and those averse to traveling because they won’t have to nervously walk through a crowded hall, gingerly going up to a booth with a swamp of aspirants around them.

Virtual hiring events are also more cost-effective and convenient for both organizers and attendees. So now the next question is, how do you keep job seekers engaged at your virtual hiring event? Here are the top tips you can follow:

1. Set up realistic, vibrant virtual venues

Make sure your virtual event platform has the ability to present a realistic and immersive virtual environment. The virtual lobby, virtual exhibition hall, and 3D exhibition booths should be able to replicate a true-to-life experience, so they are easier to navigate and more exciting than traditional event web pages. Each exhibitor also has the power to customise the booth as per their liking and branding.

2. Create a welcoming virtual lobby

The virtual event lobby is a place to welcome attendees, promote sponsors, and encourage mingling and introductions — much like the registration and badge pick-up areas for in-person events. Instead of attendees jumping right into your virtual events schedule, they are now greeted with a vibrant, brandable, social, and active virtual event lobby.

These areas can be calm static spaces or populated with animated figures to bring them a sense of life. Put logos and messaging on banners, and showcase content on embedded videos. An engaging virtual lobby helps attendees feel more valued and taken care of.

3. Showcase a live job board

Live job boards help attendees plan out which virtual stops they would like to make at the virtual hiring event. Job seekers can find the jobs and companies that are most important to them. These live job boards provide an easy and quick way to check for open roles, find what interests attendees, and head to the right booths.

4. Use social walls

Social walls or social media walls are live content aggregated from different media platforms displayed in one place so that you can increase engagement. These social walls let you collect content from hashtags, profiles, mentions, keywords, and more.

On a social wall, attendees can communicate with each other without disrupting anyone during online sessions. They can also participate in polls or play ice-breaker games and display the results on your social wall. This is great for boosting engagement at virtual hiring events.

5. Liven up the event with games and incentives

Incorporating games like a scavenger hunt will challenge your attendees and keep up the excitement at your virtual hiring event. Direct your attendees to find digital clues, information, and objects that can be customised to your event. While you can engage attendees with exciting games, you can also incentivize it with giveaways.

6. Offer interactive networking options

Make your event more interactive with networking and Q&A sessions to keep attendees hooked. You can automatically pair attendees with companies that match their interests and initiate productive conversations. You can also arrange a group networking session where attendees can connect in groups over chat, audio, or video.

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