Immersive Technology in Real Estate

Most real estate agents use online listings and photo slideshows to sell a home. It works, but the property looks flat when viewed in 2D, which fails to convince a buyer to invest. Sometimes, the process is tedious, tiring, and stressful. This is why immersive virtual solutions in real estate help speed up the closing process. From 4D virtual tours to Virtual Staging, here are some immersive technologies that have become the new standard in the real estate industry.

Custom 4D Virtual Tours

Unlike traditional visuals like photos and videos, 4D virtual tours allow you to feel what it’s like to really live there, taking a standard property search experience to something much richer. 4D virtual tours are able to bring architectural drawings to come to life, even if a site hasn’t been built or renovated to completion.

Give prospective buyers a life-like “walk through” of properties. Designed with a test-fitting process in mind, 4D virtual tours allow you to customize and share floorplans for specific potential buyers. Clients can get a real feel and understanding of a property’s layout, size, and design, complete with accurate panoramic outdoor views and customizable design themes.

A virtual tour’s field of view (FOV) is so wide that the camera tripod is usually captured in the images, which may destroy the perfection of your images. Don’t worry, Silversea Media’s customization option allows you to remove the tripod from the images and stitch them into an immersive, seamless virtual tour. Furthermore, you can brand the virtual tour with your company’s logo, custom messaging, and contact info. When it’s white-labeled with your branding, you perpetuate and strengthen the relationship with your clients.

Multimedia Content

Improve user experience by adding text, images, audio, and videos to anywhere in the scene. These hotspots help provide more detail of a particular point/object in a given 360° scene. You can also insert a call to action that brings visitors to a web page or a person’s contact number.

Furthermore, you can entertain and challenge your visitors by incorporating exciting games into your virtual tour. Use games such as ‘Find and Share’ and ‘Scavenger Hunt’ to boost engagement rate.

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4D virtual tours have been transforming the real estate industry. Homebuyers are using the internet more and more to search and explore properties online. In fact, property seekers are spending more time looking at listings that include a 3D tour than listings without. This is great for your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) listings and gives buyers more time to emotionally connect with the space.

Click here to experience an immersive virtual property tour:

Virtual Staging

The goal of virtual staging is to give buyers the idea of how they can live there. All furniture used in virtually staged photos is true to scale which helps them visualize a room. It is a great, cost-effective way to bring warmth and style into an empty house.

Techniques are constantly evolving when it comes to 3D imagery, which enables designers to make rooms look even more realistic. In many cases, you can find it difficult to tell a virtually staged from a traditionally staged room.

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Another great benefit of virtual staging is that you can personalize the space depending on the style and preference of your target market. This technology allows you to make the home look rustic, contemporary, minimalist, or mid-century modern, you name it. When you know what style your audience wants, you can customize the space for them.

Add a custom virtual staging to the outdoor of the property — showing how it looks by day or night or surrounded by lush greenery versus the white sandy beach.

Immersive technology improves the property sales process by saving time touring houses and engaging prospects who look at your listings. Here at Silversea Media, we strive to provide excellent immersive solutions to make the property buying experience more seamless and hassle-free. If you want to find out more about our services, click here


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