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For an industry that’s traditionally built on physical meetings, real estate is utilising technology to keep transactions moving and succeed in the ‘new normal’. The power of 4D virtual tours, for example, have been so well-received that it could be leveraged on a long-term basis in the real estate industry.

Unlike traditional photos and videos, virtual tours allow realtors and agents to transform a standard property search experience into something much richer. They can be accessed through any device that allows 360-degree viewing, this includes smart phones and any computer. It’s time to make your listing stand out from the crowd!

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Check out a range of features that you can get from an immersive 4D virtual tour:

1. First Person View

Do a walk-through of the space as if you were physically moving room-to-room and experience it as if you were there in person.

2. Dollhouse & Floorplan View

Zoom out and see a 3D cut away of your property from the outside and rotate it along any axis to see it from any perspective. You can also get a birds’-eye view of the space from above in full colour. You’ll be able to get the big picture of your space.

Read the benefits of virtual tours for real estate:

3. 360-degree Integration

Add additional views of other areas around the property, such as amenities, carpark, lobby, street view, and backyard. These can all run in the browser on any device and be uploaded to the major property portals.

4. Embed Content

Engage your viewers with additional content such as images, audio, and videos. You can even add links to allow viewers to go to your website. Our online editing platform enables you to customise your 4D virtual tour by adding tags and hotspots that intensify the user’s experience.

Check out an immersive virtual tour by Silversea Media here

5. Gamification

Incorporate an element of gamification into the virtual tour as an additional incentive to attract customers to “walk through” your space. At the same time, such gamification helps spice up your content marketing and engages your target audience in new, more enticing ways.

6. Virtual Staging

Have an empty space? You can scan it and then add a fit out to fully showcase the potential of the property. Give potential buyers the best digital sales pitch with a unique, realistic experience!


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