Transforming Property Viewings in Real Estate: A Developer’s Guide to Success

Traditional marketing methods for real estate, primarily relying on static images and brochures, pose significant limitations for developers in conveying the true essence of a property. Though visually appealing, static images often fail to provide a comprehensive and immersive view of the space. They lack the dynamic elements needed to showcase a property’s flow, ambience, and unique features.

In an era where potential buyers seek interactive and engaging experiences, these traditional methods may fall short of capturing the essence of a property.

Virtual Property Tours Emerge as the Transformative Solution

It’s evident that relying solely on static photography is no longer effective in meeting the demands of modern consumers. This is where the magic of immersive virtual property tours steps in, offering a groundbreaking solution. It enables your clients to effortlessly explore properties, providing an immersive and thorough experience with just a few taps and swipes.

Embracing new technology is proven to offer a competitive advantage and profitable opportunities. According to Zillow, more than 80% of millennials would like to view 3D virtual tours and digital floor plans when shopping for a home. As the home buying market continues to get younger and more digital, buyers’ expectations for cutting-edge digital tools to simplify their house hunt will just keep rising.

Virtual tours provide potential homebuyers with an immersive and engaging 3D representation of a property that allows them to explore every inch of every detail from any device. Virtual tours can present a property in the best light, whether it’s a built or an unbuilt project.

Crafted using technologies like 360-degree cameras, digital twins, or 3D scanners, virtual tours go beyond visual appeal. They may feature floor plans, measurements, annotations, a Call-to-action button, a live guided tour, or virtual staging, adding personalized touches for visitors to enjoy their virtual visit to properties.

Showcasing Homes Anytime, Anywhere: Virtual Tours for Developers

Virtual tours have many forms but usually fall into three categories for property marketing:

1. 3D Virtual Tours for Built Property

Virtual tours offer both convenience and flexibility to both realtors and your potential buyers. View a home anytime without scheduling an appointment, saving time and money by bypassing unnecessary travel logistics and expenses. This marketing tool plays a pivotal role in streamlining and filtering qualified leads. It serves as an efficient filter mechanism, ensuring that the leads generated are more likely to convert into valuable transactions.

Within a virtual space, it’s possible to set up multiple click points to share a detailed overview of the particular space. For instance, realtors can configure click points to explain the details of the material used in the flooring, furniture, and other equipment. Call-to-action buttons can also help generate collect leads through a virtual tour by prompting visitors to take certain actions, such as signing up, booking a demo, requesting a callback or purchasing immediately.

2. Off-plans 360 Virtual Tours for Unbuilt Property Developments

An off-plan virtual tour entails a meticulously crafted virtual environment that seamlessly integrates a collection of 360-degree computer-generated images (CGIs) for both the exterior and interior. This immersive experience is delivered through a custom-built application compatible with desktops, mobile devices, tablets, and virtual reality (VR) platforms. Users can seamlessly navigate through various points within an unbuilt property, offering a fully interactive experience designed to a photorealistic standard.

Rendering a place from scratch offers the freedom to create a virtual environment tailored to specific requirements. It is perfect for showcasing development properties or offering virtual staging options. With virtual staging, developers can showcase their listings in the most enticing manner, attracting potential buyers with a lifelike representation. And with options like virtual sunset and winter to summer, you can create a desired atmosphere or season.

Virtual tour technology also enables developers to craft an interactive portfolio showcasing their previously built properties. It allows potential investors to gain insights into the quality and features of a developer’s projects without the constraints of physical distance.

3. Hybrid Virtual Tours

In this type of virtual tour, users can navigate seamlessly through the built and virtual world simultaneously within one tour. Within hybrid virtual tours, the exteriors are typically fully 3D rendered, while the interiors can be 360 photos. This innovative approach empowers developers to unveil their units well before completion and secure pre-sales through a swift and cost-effective marketing solution.

Why Developers Need to Use Virtual Tours

Effective Lead Generation: By providing potential buyers with a comprehensive insight into a property, they are more inclined to physically explore those that genuinely pique their interest, thereby saving valuable time and resources for real estate agents.

Global Exposure: Virtual tours, accessible 24/7 online, have the potential to attract a global audience. Prospective buyers can make well-informed decisions without extensive travel, broadening the property’s reach and appeal.

Securing Sales & Leases in Advance: Virtual tours for yet-to-be-built spaces serve as a tech-driven solution, allowing developers to introduce a project to the market well before completion. Through accurate and photo-realistic 3D-rendered visualizations, developers can offer potential buyers a precise and immersive tour of a planned space.

Enhanced Interactivity: Integrate rich features within the property viewing experience. Measurements, mortgage calculators, information about similar properties, and neighbourhood descriptions can be seamlessly added as in-tour tags, providing a more interactive exploration.

Strategic Advantage: In an intensely competitive industry flooded with online content, having a distinctive edge is paramount. Virtual tours emerge as the most impactful form of content in the property sector, offering viewers an accurate and immersive representation that sets a property apart.

Silversea Media’s Immersive Virtual Tour Solution

Our immersive virtual tours are an ideal solution for forward-thinking property developers and house builders alike. They give customers the ability to step inside and explore photorealistic 3D interiors and even customize their dream home before construction starts.

We collect accurate visual and spatial data to create a 3D representation with which real estate customers can interact. We leverage our in-house immersive technology to provide unique virtual solutions for different situations and client needs. These include 4D virtual tours, ultra-realistic virtual staging, virtual showrooms, and other solutions that enable developers, agents, and owners to market property listings with much lower costs and shorter closing times.

Using any computer or mobile device, prospective real estate buyers and renters can immerse themselves in an easy-to-use simulated property showroom experience as they discover 720° views of beautifully designed properties of all different types. Real estate companies and developers can also personalize virtual showings with custom designs and touch-ups, 3D floorplans, live guided tours, and messaging capabilities — facilitating remote client consultations.

Learn more about the captivating features of our virtual property tour solution here.

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