Adopting Immersive Property Solutions

As the global impact of the coronavirus expands, real estate agents are finding creative ways to continue connecting buyers and sellers. Virtual technology provides a way for potential buyers to continue searching for properties, and real estate agents are adapting continuously to keep transactions moving.

For some time people have been able to take virtual tours of listed properties and watch, or even participate in, live-streamed home auctions. Today, however, these high-tech services that were once an “added extra” are proving to be a vital ingredient for concerned buyers and sellers who cannot get to an auction or inspection due to travel restrictions, or self-isolation. As a first line of defence, a virtual tour is mostly used as a screening tool to cut down showings.

Although it is still not the norm to sign a contract without seeing the property, immersive Virtual Reality (VR)/Augmented Reality (AR) technology just be the solutions we need in the new world of social distancing and infection. Virtual tours, for example, have proven to be more realistic than traditional photos or videos. They are more detailed and granular to an extent where people can see the baseboards and watch someone turn on the faucets to make sure they work. Technology means you can make everything look perfect, but serious buyers want a more detailed experience.

3D virtual tours — immersive real estate walkthroughs

New Reality for Real Estate

Many real estate companies are expected to increase their use of virtual tools and train their agents to use them. Agents should be acquainted with virtual tours and how to upload them to share with clients via email or social media platforms. Properties with VR listings allow hundreds of potential buyers to walk through a property on their own smartphone or computer, viewing the property in full 360-view — all from the comfort of their own home.

A panoramic camera and advanced computer graphics can transform a listing into a multi-dimensional, 360-degree experience. There’s no need for traditional photo shoots and printed adverts. VR/AR can take care of that for you, thereby showing the full future of a property.

Visualize new home with interactive 3D floor plans

With open homes now under threat due to COVID-19, technology could be the answer to keep the sales wheels turning. Silversea Media may have stumbled on a great solution for a major challenge hitting the real estate market today and in the weeks ahead. Our comprehensive VR technology gives customers the opportunity to walk through as many properties as they wish, be they rentals or sales, and agents can get a fully digital alternative to sale transactions.

We understand these are unprecedented times, however, we also know that people’s property plans for their future may not have changed. This option, powered by accessible technology, provides a sense of certainty, confidence and reduce risks for both sellers and potential buyers.

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