Advantages of a Virtual Fair

The emergence of the coronavirus pandemic had initially halted world economy by not only disrupting supply chains and export-import channels, but also causing the cancellation or postponement of various small and large-scale trade shows and fairs. However, thanks to technology, companies now have the opportunity to take their shows online through virtual events and virtual fairs.

A virtual fair allows you to promote your products or services, chat with interested prospects, capture high-quality leads, and provide detailed information, just as at a traditional physical fair, but from the comfort of your office. For attendees, a 3D virtual fair means they can go without actually leaving home. They just need an Internet connection and a link to the event platform. It offers an online experience as close to reality as possible with 3D virtual worlds.

Here’s a list of reasons why virtual fairs are highly benefiting businesses in an innovative way:

1. Reach Out to a Global Audience With Just a Click

Elevate your brand recognition and corporate image by going global. By way of a virtual fair, you are able to engage the digital generation’s 21st-century prospect, from the largest cities and the smallest towns. A virtual fair can be accessed through any smart device, from any corner of the world. Without capacity constraints and overcrowding, it offers smooth navigation throughout the exhibitor hall and eliminates the need to wait around in long queues.

2. More Value at a Lesser Cost

Forget about the expenses of production, accommodation, and transfers. Immerse yourself in the digital world, take advantage of connecting with clients from all over the world on one pForget about the expenses of production, accommodation, and transfers. Immerse yourself in the digital world and take advantage of connecting with clients from all over the world on one platform. Our technology brings together all the registration, virtual event system, and event management you need in one place — helping you build your virtual fair in easy steps. This saves you time and money, so you can focus on what’s important — creating the best event and attendee experience.

3. Social Media Connection

A virtual fair is a great way to leverage the power of social media to increase awareness of your marketing efforts. You can link your stand with your social media and share your experience. Also, you provide visitors with the opportunity to share your content easily, therefore improving your users’ experience.

4. Long-Term Revenue

Increase qualified leads by creating a strong brand association. Virtual fairs can last for as long as you decide, reach as many people in that duration, and gather maximum leads in the process. These leads will therefore result in an increase in the sales revenue.

5. Fully Customizable

Impress your audience with a professional-looking event landing page and registration form that match your corporate branding. You can also build and decorate your booth, much like you would build a physical booth at a traditional fair. Choose from several different booth templates and customise it by adding banners and posters, and uploading your brochures, photos, and videos.

6. Connect, Engage, and Make an Impact

Chat with prospects via one-on-one text, audio, or video tools inside your booth during virtual meetings, or 3D workshops, webinars, and more. The option to chat with booth representatives in real-time, polls, and other interactive features can easily multiply engagement at a virtual fair.

Even if you don’t feel like hosting a purely online event, you may still opt for a hybrid form of events with a mix of online and offline presence. This way, you can have a physical event and grow your audience online. Creating a hybrid event means you can use our own 4D Virtual Tour solution to capture your physical fair and create a “digital twin” in which visitors can access it 24/7.

7. Real-Time Analytics

During the virtual fair, a wealth of information displaying your booth’s activity is available. You can review in-depth statistics on visitors and access information of your prospects to solve their queries and follow up after the virtual fair.

8. Environmentally Friendly

A virtual fair ensures the reduction of a company’s carbon footprint and eliminates the use of A virtual fair ensures the reduction of a company’s carbon footprint and eliminates the use of materials that get wasted post-event. Encourage your buyer to utilise new trend and technologies that go hand-in-hand with sustainability.

9. Accessible & Inclusive

Reach attendees on any device, any platform and offer them a fully browser-based immersive virtual experience. Virtual fairs are inclusive and ensure that people can benefit from your event based on what they bring to the table, instead of their shortcomings. Give your attendees more ways to engage with your virtual event and conference content, exhibitors, speakers, partners, and fellow attendees.

It’s time to open up the world of opportunities for yourself and setup your own virtual fair. To learn more, speak to one of our team members right way. We’re always ready to get you going!


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