Use Virtual Avatars in Your Virtual Events

Thanks to a range of virtual event platforms, connecting with people is now reasonably easy through virtual events. However, these virtual events often lack the engagement and interactivity that comes with in-person events.

It is time to move on from tedious video calls and flat event webpages to immersive, interactive 3D virtual environments. Here, the value of virtual avatars becomes increasingly apparent.

What Are Virtual Avatars?

Virtual avatars are our alter egos in the virtual world. They serve as a representation of ourselves that allows us to take part in a virtual event. With virtual events, personal contact needs to feel as authentic as possible, where our relations are close no matter the distance between us.

Use an Immersive Virtual Reality Platform to Stand Out from the Crowd

With the influx of virtual events in the last couple of years, it is crucial to stay ahead of the game. Embrace immersive simulated experiences and unique virtual reality features to create a more significant impact and inspire audiences.

Virtual reality platforms can imitate the experience of visiting a real-life event using avatars and interactive game-style interfaces. Attendees can build their own avatar, walk through the virtual event and have a conversation using 3D spatial audio and voice. Additionally, these interactive avatars can exchange information in different formats and even clap or greet, mirroring the interactions at in-person events.

Bangga Buatan Indonesia (Proudly Made in Indonesia) 2022

Under the direction of President Joko Widodo, the Indonesian government initiated Bangga Buatan Indonesia, a national movement to aid SMEs through the COVID-19 crisis. This year, the government has engaged Silversea Media Indonesia to create a virtual exhibition to display the products of SMEs from different provinces.

Upon entering the virtual lobby, visitors can personalise their avatar, making it resemble themselves as much as they would like. It is also possible to chat in real-time and interact with other avatars. They can visit a virtual booth, ask questions using a live chat feature, and click on the embedded e-commerce platform button to shop the SME’s products.

Visit Bangga Buatan Indonesia Virtual Exhibition:

Silversea Media Group’s avatar-based virtual event platform gives you the chance to design immersive experiences inside this virtual world. It is the ideal tool to offer interactive and realistic activities to help brands reach their goals.For more information on our virtual event solution, please visit our website:


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